When it comes to running your business, dependability from your fuel dealer is crucial. Every day, Holding Oil & Gas is depended upon by approximately 100 area businesses, ranging in size and location, to keep employees warm, trucks and forklifts running, and customers happy. We specialize in gasoline, propane & diesel fuel services, and strive to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier for your business or organization.

There are many fuel solutions we can tailor to your business, including: 

  • Propane refilling (at our plant)
  • Propane Delivery services
  • Gasoline & Diesel delivery services (for agricultural or commercial use)
  • Drive-up fueling for Gasoline and Diesel (on & off-road)
  • Above-Ground Tank leasing/selling
  • In-ground tank installation (for purchase only- no lease available)
  • Diesel Fuel & Propane for generators
  • 30-Day accounts

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